Multiple Innovative Specialty Offerings



The Endurance Group is passionate about opening new doors and uncovering new opportunities for our clients.

Our Specialties

The Endurance Group recognizes that all its clients have unique sales challenges and thus we have developed a range of outsourced business development services to assist our clients in meeting those challenges. For some clients, we provide a full suite of services to help them meet their sales goals. Other clients engage us periodically to help them with a specific campaign or challenge.

Professional Services, Software and Technology

In TEG’s opinion the key to a successful business development program is a polished professional approach with a clearly identified message on a topic that will stimulate conversation with a prospect.

US Market Entry

The Endurance Group has a deep experience in assisting foreign companies market and sell their products and services in the United States. We have helped our clients develop new partnerships and new customer relationships with some of the largest corporations in this vital marketplace.

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Address 45 Exchange Street
Suite #301 Portland,
ME 04101 USA
Local: (207) 846-6000
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