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The Endurance Group, established in 1999, is headquartered in Portland, ME. For almost 20 years, TEG has developed the expertise and best practices  to work with clients around the world to create, implement and execute effective business development programs.



The Endurance Group recognizes that all its clients have unique sales challenges. Thus, we have developed a range of services to assist our clients in meeting those challenges. For some clients, we provide a full suite of services to help them meet their sales goals. Other clients engage us periodically to help them with a specific campaign or challenge.

Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing

The Endurance Group plans and executes creative and solid strategies for your business to gain momentum. We  manage direct call, mail, email and LinkedIn connection campaigns. In addition, TEG creates target lists of prospective executives and reaches out to targets through telephone calls, e-mails, social media, and faxes. TEG also offers CRM management to organize these campaigns.


Content Development and Branding

TEG ensures companies have overall consistency across all of their B2B and B2C company channels. TEG helps clients draft scripts for telephone and email campaigns, write content for email messaging, develop social media micro-content, create engaging websites, and compose blog posts to be read on companies’ websites and social media.  


Digital Marketing & Social Media


The Endurance Group works with clients to manage their online presence. This includes using WordPress to construct and revise websites, initiating and analyzing Google Adword campaigns, and creating and overseeing companies’ social media presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) 




The Endurance Group hires smart, articulate people with outstanding sales and marketing backgrounds who are passionate about opening new doors and uncovering new opportunities for our clients. More than sales and marketing consultants, the Endurance Group provides the skilled sales professionals to manage and execute all stages of the sales process. Our team is adept at articulating a client’s value proposition and then delivering this message to a prospect universe through multiple methods of communication (phone, email, social media, etc.) that is jointly developed by the Endurance Group and our clients. 

Our goal is to develop a true partnership with our clients marked by open communication and mutual respect. We work with companies here in the United States and internationally. Our current client base includes firms from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Austria, India, The Philippines, Australia, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Lead Generation for Professional Services Firms

In TEG’s opinion, the key to a successful business development program is a polished professional approach with a clearly identified message on a topic that will stimulate conversation with a prospect. We reach out to the people you most want to talk with.


US Market Entry Consulting

The Endurance Group has a wealth of experience in assisting international companies market and sell their products and services in the United States. We have helped our clients develop new partnerships and new customer relationships with some of the largest corporations in this vital marketplace.

Lead Generation for Software & Technology Firms

Over the years,  our expertise and best practices have allowed us to create, implement, and execute effective business development programs through innovative lead generation campaigns (phone, email, fax, etc.), targeted prospect lists, creative content and messaging, and B2B social media strategy

Leading Sales Outsourcing Company

We work with our clients to create, implement and execute innovative lead generation campaigns,  targeted prospect lists, creative content and messaging, and B2B social media strategy.

Case Studies

Developing and Executing Sales Plans With a
Compelling ROI For Our Clients

The Endurance Group is an entrepreneurial organization and we pride ourselves on developing innovative programs that deliver high value for our clients. Our definition of success is simple. We need to consistently deliver revenue opportunities for our clients that are a significant multiple of the fees we charge.

As we begin each new engagement, we pull out all stops to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship between our new client and the Endurance Group.

Here are case studies of successful engagements.


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