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Our business is built on one singular premise:

No matter how sophisticated means of communication become and regardless of how technology may enhance the ability of a company to market its services, ultimately, high-value business transactions are closed as a result of a conversation between two people.

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Endurance Group

The Endurance Group was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Portland, ME. Drawing from the talented labor base in the Greater Portland Area, we have assembled a top notch sales and marketing team composed primarily of early retirees from the Boston technology sector.

Our team is adept at articulating a client’s value proposition and then delivering this message to a prospect universe that is jointly developed by the Endurance Group and our client. Since our founding, our expertise and best practices have allowed us to work with our clients to create, implement, and execute effective business development programs. More than a sales and marketing consultant firm, the Endurance Group provides the skilled sales professionals to manage and execute all stages of the sales process.

Who We Are

About Us

Our Philosophy

The Endurance Group works with its clients to segment the market into specific prospect profile(s) so that target lists can be created and various market approaches can be developed.

Our Team

The Endurance Group does not use scripts when contacting prospects on behalf of our clients. However, we do develop specific conversation paths and bullet points depending on a prospect’s industry and the position of the person in the organization.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

At the Endurance Group, we are fond of the expression, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” The only way to effectively deliver our clients’ value proposition to the marketplace is to continually contact the wide array of individuals in the database developed specifically for the initiative.

Our Process and Focus on Tangible Results

After transforming B2C. social media is now having a similar impact on the B2B marketplace.

Our Testimonials

Our goal is to develop a true partnership with our clients marked by open communications and mutual respect.

Our Case Studies

Developing and Executing Sales Plans with a compelling ROI for our clients

Our Specialties

The Endurance Group recognizes that all its clients have unique sales challenges and thus wehave developed a range of outsourced business development services to assist our clients meet those challenges.

45 Exchange Street Suite #301 Portland, ME 04101

Address 45 Exchange Street
Suite #301 Portland,
ME 04101 USA
Local: (207) 846-6000
Fax: (207) 850-2232

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