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We help you create meaningful engagements with your target audience to build your brand, drive website traffic and increase sales. 



In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly more important for a brand to establish an overwhelming presence on social media to compete in any market. TEG uses the following strategies to develop, grow and manage social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 

Lead Generation & Market Presence: We work with our clients to truly listen and deeply understand every aspect of their business. With the knowledge that we gain, we can develop a plan to use social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to find decision makers and develop relationships. Using a multi-channel approach, we can manage these relationships so your brand is at the forefront of the market.

Brand Design: The design of your brand, both aesthetically and figuratively, should come through on your social media in the same way it comes through on your website. It should be an extension of your company’s personality. With our expertise, we work with you to develop this personality through all of your social media channels, as well as devise a content creation plan.

Creating & Posting Quality Content: The content on a company’s social media must act as the “voice” of the brand. At TEG, we work with our clients to develop that voice and consult on content creation so that our clients’ voice comes through in every aspect of their social media. Using graphic design, social calendars, and other tools, we work with you to plan and manage your brand’s content to keep consumers and future customers informed and engaged.

Goals & Analytics: Before we set our social campaigns live, we work with clients to set realistic goals for their social media platforms. Then, using analytics, we analyze your company’s social media growth to adapt and improve our strategies so that we can improve your company’s ROI.

Community Building & Management: A brand’s social media presence is defined by it’s community. Through rigorous research, we work with our clients to understand all aspects of their business, and find their target niche to build a relevant community that turns content consumers into real customers. Our strategic approach to engage with the community leads to growth. By taking that burden off of your hands, you can focus on the logistics of your business. 

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