Our Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing Services

The Endurance Group plans and executes creative and solid strategies for your business to gain sales momentum.

Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing

The Endurance Group helps clients drive sales through a variety of lead generation and sales strategies. Our team and senior management work closely with clients to ensure that the program is continuously meeting their expectations. We also adjust strategies where required to build and maintain momentum in the business development process.

Prospect Profiling: At the Endurance Group, we believe the creation of a target prospect list is one of the most important factors of a successful business development program. When we create prospect profiles, our team analyzes a variety of factors  such as geography, industry, company/organization size, previous clients, and companies in the news. After we establish profiles of our client’s ideal prospect, the Endurance Group develops target lists (or purchases lists if more cost-efficient) of prospect companies and decision makers that meet the parameters of the profile.   

Managing Sales Campaigns: The Endurance Group firmly believes that to truly drive growth, we must create powerful lead generation and sales campaigns. We also realize that one strategy is not enough. Over the years, we have created and executed a mix of successful strategies that have led to compelling ROI for our clients. Campaigns generally focus on direct mail/email, trade show representation, LinkedIn connections, phone calls, and social media all in an effort to set up a conference call with top executives at the prospective company and our clients. If requested by the client, our team can play an ongoing role with qualified prospects and stay involved in the sales process through the close, especially if it is not a near-term opportunity. 

CRM Management: During the initial set-up phase, The Endurance Group works with clients to understand the CRM systems they currently have in place and make recommendations, as well as implement solutions that will lead to stronger data analysis. During the campaign, the Endurance Group tracks all of the activity of our clients’ sales campaigns, so we can analyze the effectiveness of campaigns. In addition, our team imports all target prospect lists, customizes CRM fields and layouts, and creates custom reports and dashboards to track sales and marketing activities.


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