Lead Generation for Software & Technology Firms

While a technology company can leverage Linkedin and other social media platforms to connect with prospects, at the end of the day, it is crucial that conversations with the right decision-makers occur. TEG’s ability to open doors and effectively connect with decision makers has had a dramatic effect on the success of enterprise software and technology organizations.

Lead Generation for

Software and Technology Firms

Since its inception in 1999,  the Endurance Group has worked with many software and technology firms. Our clients create and sell software and technical services to corporations throughout the world.

We have worked with major partners of leading software companies including IBM. Microsoft, and Salesforce.

We have also worked with niche software companies that produce products focused on activities such as drug discovery and insurance underwriting.

In addition, we have found success with software development and web design firms that produce custom software and complex websites in industries ranging from education and healthcare to insurance and financial services.

We work with our clients to help them define who their target prospects are and the best way to reach them. We help our clients truly enunciate their products’ value proposition to an organization.  While we seek to understand the technology – its more important in sales to be able to communicate how a software product can solve a specific business problem.

Our team uses a variety of sales and marketing techniques, tools and strategies to assist out software clients consistently find new customers.


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