Our Digital Marketing and Social Media Services

The Endurance Group helps clients improve their online presence.

Our Digital Marketing and Social Media Services

At the Endurance Group, we recognize there are many factors to consider in a company’s online presence, and how to best manage that presence to meet clients’ ultimate goal: increased revenue. While some companies require an entire makeover of their digital marketing, others only need small tweaks. This is why we first work with your company to determine your needs, and offer a host of services:

WordPress Development and Redesign: In today’s day and age, a company’s first impression is rarely face to face. The first impression occurs when a potential prospect visits a company’s website. We work with you to ensure that your website offers the strongest first impression possible. Our team specializes in WordPress redesign and development. We can work with you to make your vision come to life in a clean, concise, and beautiful way.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing: One of the goals we have for all of our clients is to increase the amount of inbound leads. Ultimately, a deal is much more likely if a prospect is contacting a company, rather than vice versa. We work with you to set up a Google Ads campaign, so when potential prospects search for your services on the internet, your company shows up first.

LinkedIn: Though 21st century technology has seemingly made the importance of personal interactions fade, we have found deals are much more likely if they begin through personal connections. Using LinkedIn, we connect clients to top executives at prospective companies, and ensure your profile is up to date ready for that connection. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Besides LinkedIn, we also offer traditional social media services. Our team specializes in both creating and maintaining the world’s most popular social media sites and apps to ensure you enhance your brand through posts, pictures, etc.

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