Our Philosophy

Our guiding principles inspire us to create unique and proven solutions for your unique sales challenge.

Our Philosophy


Our business is built on two major premises:

“No matter how sophisticated means of communication may become and regardless of how technology may enhance the ability of a company to market its services or products, ultimately, high-value business transactions are closed as a result of a conversation between people.”


“Business development is a numbers game. One needs to kiss a lot of frogs before one finds a handsome prince or princess. So while we definitely believe in the need to work smart, we also believe it is just as important to work hard.”

We are a small nimble firm that is creative in our approach to the marketplace and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our business development efforts are always innovative.

Working with the Endurance Group also means that your project will receive the full thoughtful attention of Jim Sullivan, President of the firm. Jim is passionate about this business and he brings almost 25 years of business experience to the Endurance Group. He places a high value on education having been privileged to attend one of this country’s best schools and always strives to hire staff with excellent educational credentials. Jim is a son of Irish immigrants who have always been encouraged to work hard and reach for grand goals. He brings this same philosophy to the Endurance Group.

45 Exchange Street Suite #301 Portland, ME 04101

Address 45 Exchange Street
Suite #301 Portland,
ME 04101 USA
Local: (207) 846-6000
Fax: (207) 850-2232

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