Wanted! Seasoned Sales Professionals that
can drive revenue growth for our clients.

Wanted! Seasoned Sales Professionals that
can drive revenue growth for our clients.

Talent is our Core.

A career with The Endurance Group offers the opportunity to work with decision makers at exciting technology start-ups and established corporations with global reach. We are not just a vendor to these companies. We are an integral part of their Sales and Marketing efforts. As such, our clients count on us to provide a quality of service that is unique in the marketplace. If you’re up to the challenge, there is never a dull moment here.

Our reputation has been built by providing talented, experienced business development professionals who have the business accumen and vision that is needed in todays hyper-competitive world.

Our long-term clients have come to rely on the unique, objective perspective that our Business Development Consultants provide to them every day.

We look for individuals who understand the Sales and Marketing game and who can manage the relationship with the client as if it were their own.

We realize that the work we do it for everyone and have developed a hiring methodology that helps us to understand the likelihood of an applicant’s long term success and helps the applicant make an informed decision to join us, should an offer be extended.

  • A resume should be submitted with a cover letter written by the
  • An initial telephone conversation with a member of our management team takes place.
  • Well invite you to visit for an initial interview with members of our management team and youll get to spend some time with staff members as well.
  • The initial interview will be followed by meetings with the firms senior management team.
  • If an offer is extended, well contact you by phone and follow it up with a written offer.

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45 Exchange Street Suite #301 Portland, ME 04101

Address 45 Exchange Street
Suite #301 Portland,
ME 04101 USA
Local: (207) 846-6000
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