"Always deliver more than expected."

- Larry Page

Carly joined the Endurance Group in September of 2021.


Prior to joining the Endurance Group, Carly served as a Career Advisor with Goodwill Industries, coaching youth to dream big and work hard to accomplish their education and career goals. She has a thorough background with producing high quality events, relationship management, and non-profit development - resulting in over a million dollars in funds raised. 


Carly employs an empathetic approach to her work and has experience in both the private and public sector. Carly was a successful Life Insurance and Auto Policy adjuster helping thousands reduce their stress, and sometimes even find joy, in some of the most stressful times of their lives.


Carly’s greatest strengths include organization, attention to detail, and creativity. At the Endurance Group she likes to combine her skills to meet clients needs, find new solutions, and ultimately support business growth.


Carly has a B.A. in Sociology Service Learning with concentrations in Communication and Business Administration from Bryant University. She is titled Bryant’s 2006 Global Entrepreneurship Champion, earned her Level II CRLA Writing Certification and was the 2010 Keynote Speaker of the 16th Annual New England Peer Tutor Association’s annual conference.