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The Endurance Group: B2B Sales Solutions that Work.

We Build Your Online Presence To Accelerate Your Business Growth.

An effective digital marketing and social media strategy will engage qualified prospects when they have a need and are ready to buy. 

At TEG, we aim to tie your investments in social media directly to your sales pipeline through: 

  • Customized LinkedIn Campaigns

  • Google Ads Analysis, Keywords Research, Curation, and Management

  • Content Development and Engagement on Instagram and Facebook

Ready to expand your digital footprint to accelerate your business' growth? 

Conversations with decision-makers are priceless.

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A monthly investment in Google Ads should be an integral part of any lead generation strategy. Engaging customers when they are actively looking for your services is the quickest way to a sale.  

However, Google Ads is a complex platform with ever-changing algorithms.

When you engage with The Endurance Group, we ensure that your investment in Google Ads will turn into business. 

Keyboard and Mouse

The Endurance Group Google Ads program includes key features, such as:

  • Discovery Phase - Intensive Client Research

  • Keyword and Phrase Research and Analysis

  • Competitor Google Ads Analysis

  • Creation of Impactful Ads

  • Creation of Landing Pages

  • Creation of Reporting and Analytics

  • Weekly Campaign Performance Review

  • Integration with lead generation campaigns, to ensure no leads fall through the cracks.

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What We Do

Content Strategy + Creation

Social Media strategy will be created in collaboration with the company leadership or marketing team and TEG marketing team.

Social Media calendar will outline needs identified in the strategy and aligned content will be generated weekly.


The approved content will be posted and the TEG team will engage with prospects.


Using our hashtag research, the brand’s voice, and all that we discussed, TEG will work tirelessly to promote your company. 

Weekly meetings will be held to go over the content calendar for the upcoming week, present analysis of work from the previous week.


These meetings will enable our team to work in an agile manner to ensure ongoing relevance. 

Content Posting + Engaging

Weekly Meetings with Marketing Team

Why Social Media?

Social Media Strategy

 Having success in B2B sales means having well-rounded campaigns.


The Endurance Group believes that social media marketing is a key component of a well-rounded sales campaign.


Our experts work to understand your target audience and transition your online presence to a pipeline component that turns likes into leads.  

Shaking Hands

Exponential Growth Is At Your Fingertips

Six out of ten companies report that their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

Are you identifying and engaging prospects who will buy your product or service?

Does your lead generation team have the experience and skills to engage decision-makers in real conversation? 

At The Endurance Group, we are ready to make and execute a plan that will help you grow your sales and revenue, exponentially.