Holiday To Do List

I know this is a busy time of year and everyone is racing to get last minute shopping done, attending some parties and hopefully closing a few deals before year-end.

I wanted to share a little tradition I have that gets me in the holiday spirit but also over the years has opened the doors for some new relationships in the New Year.

Remember Christmas Cards?  Not the Pre-Printed Ones that you don’t even have to sign anymore.  I am talking about the “old-fashioned” cards that you actually have to personalize with a handwritten note and even sign your name.  While I just love the idea of handwritten “old fashioned” Christmas cards- to be honest – I never seem to find the time to buy the cards, the stamps and sit down to handwrite a bunch of cards, and I never really think about it until two days before Christmas.

However, I have found a solution that works just great.    Every year on the last day I work before Christmas.  I send out my Christmas Greetings Emails.  I turn on some Christmas Music!  Have a nice cup of coffee or other beverage of choice and open up my computer to my Gmail. It is time to send out Holiday Greetings to Friends, Families, Clients, Former Clients, and Future Clients.  My mantra is “Keep it Simple”J.  I generally don’t stress too much about political correctness.  If I know a person is Christian – They get a Merry Christmas, – if they are Jewish, a Happy Hanukkah.  If I really don’t know Happy Holidays and Happy New Year works just great.

I use Gmail and so I just hit Compose and in the address bar, type in A and proceed to send a Holiday Greeting to the first person that comes up and proceed from there.  Doing it this way is great because it mixes things with one email going to an old high school friend and the next going to a prospect I met last month.   It’s kind of fun to see who pops up when you type in Q.

The one key theme is this is a time of the year to reach out to people on a personal level and wish them and their family a happy holiday season.  That’s it – No Business!

The best part is getting replies back all throughout the Holiday Season and beyond.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Everyone!!!!





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