Our values drive our success.

Our team is comprised of passionate individuals that thrive on engaging and connecting.

The name, Endurance, represents the approach we take to bring our clients success.

In the B2B world, there is no substitute for the power of a conversation between people. 

In 1915, the ship, Endurance, led by Captain Ernest Shackleton, navigated the most treacherous circumstances. Historians have recognized Shackleton and his crew for their fortitude in completing their journey in spite of extremely adverse conditions.

For over twenty years, The Endurance Group has displayed the perseverance and character it takes to complete even the most challenging projects successfully. Our growth mindset, coupled with innovative thinking, allows us to produce business development programs that enable our clients to meet and exceed their sales goals. 


In the early 2000s, we took advantage of opportunities to perfect our lead generation techniques through calls and emails. The sales industry has evolved over the years, and to keep up with these changes, we have continued to set the standard for best practices by adding digital marketing and content development to our portfolio of expertise.  

"Through endurance we conquer."
~Ernest Shackleton