• Alexis Ott

What’s The Right Customer Experience For Your Brand?

The encounters and experiences your client has with your business along the whole customer journey, from the initial contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer, are defined as customer experience (also known as CX).

Customer Experience (CX) is an important component of Client Relationship Management (CRM). A customer who has a pleasant experience with a company is more likely to become a repeat and loyal customer.

According to Oracle worldwide CX research, 74 percent of top executives feel that customer experience influences a customer's desire to be a loyal advocate. You must invest in your consumers' experience if you want them to remain loyal! Let's look at some instances of how to build a fantastic customer experience plan that can help you enhance customer happiness, minimize churn, and boost revenue.

Create A Clear Customer Experience Vision

The first stage in developing a customer experience plan is to develop a clear customer-centric vision that you can share with your team. Creating a series of statements that serve as guiding principles is the simplest method to establish this vision.

The Endurance Group, for example, employs their core family values, which include providing admiration via service, being humble, and accepting change, and these principles are entrenched throughout company culture.

Understand Who Your Customers Are

The next stage in implementing these customer experience standards is to illustrate the many sorts of clients that interact with your customer service representatives. If your company wants to truly comprehend consumer requirements and desires, it must be able to connect with and sympathize with the problems that they confront.

Segmenting your consumers and creating personas is one method to achieve this (or customer profiles). Make an effort to give each character a name and a personality. Margaret, for example, is 35 years old and enjoys new technology. She is tech knowledgeable enough to follow a video tutorial on her own, but Paul (42 years old) needs the ability to follow simple instructions on a web page.

Create An Emotional Connection With Your Customers

Have you heard the expression "it's not what you say; it's how you say it"? The finest customer experiences occur when a member of your staff establishes an emotional bond with a client.

Zappos has one of the greatest examples of establishing an emotional connection: "When a client was late returning a pair of shoes due to her mother's death. When the workers at Zappos learned of the situation, they handled the return postage and had picked up the shoes for free. They did not stop there. The client returned home the next day to find a bouquet of flowers and a message from the Zappos Customer Services team expressing their condolences."

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, emotions form the attitudes that drive decisions, and emotions account for more than half of an experience. Customers have higher expectations than ever before, and word of mouth travels quickly! As the consumer gains more power, the customer experience becomes increasingly more important.

Here at The Endurance Group, customer experience and nurturing does not just apply to our clients but also our clients’ clients.

Customer experience is an area that requires ongoing nurturing and care, and organizations that place a larger emphasis on customer experience strategy will see a rise in customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth.

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