The Endurance Group recognizes that all its clients have unique sales challenges. Thus we have developed a range of outsourced business development services to support our clients in surpassing those challenges. Our capabilities include ongoing full suite services or periodic, specific engagement on a particular campaign or challenge.

Prospect Profiling and List Development

The Endurance Group works with its clients to segment the market into specific prospect profile(s) so that target lists can be created and various market approaches can be developed.

Salesforce/ CRM Sales Process Consulting

TEG has worked with Salesforce.com since our inception in 1999 and we are believers in the value well designed and functioning Sale Force Automation System can bring to an organization.

Messaging and Sales Collateral Creation

The Endurance Group does not use scripts when contacting prospects on behalf of our clients. We do, however, develop specific conversation paths and bullet points depending on a…

Lead Generation Experts

At the Endurance Group, we are fond of the expression, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” The only way to effectively deliver our clients’ value proposition to the marketplace is to continually contact the wide array of individuals in the database developed specifically for their initiative.

B2B Social Media Strategy and Campaigns

Social Media has transformed consumer marketing branding and sales. It is now having a similar impact on the B2B marketplace. TEG  has used LinkedIn as the cornerstone of many successful business development campaigns.

Trade Show and Conference Support

As part of our lead generation services, we also setup appointments for our clients at trade shows and coordinate events such as dinners and cocktail parties centered around the show. We also provide a comprehensive effort to follow-up on all leads generated…

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