B2B Social Media Strategy and Campaigns: LinkedIn

Social Media has transformed consumer marketing branding and sales. It is now having a similar impact on the B2B marketplace.

The mission is the same; the rules of engagement have evolved!

B2B Social Media Strategy and Campaigns: LinkedIn


The salesperson’s mission of engaging with decision-makers at target prospect companies has not changed, but the tools for engagement have evolved significantly over the last several years.

A savvy sales organization will use the new tools and methods to engage prospects and differentiate themselves from the competition.

LinkedIn has emerged as the dominant social media platform for B2B sales professionals.

Never before has so much accurate information on corporate decision-makers at all levels been available to sales organizations. However, never before have decision-makers been as inundated with cold calls, emails, text messages etc. The challenge of how to break through the noise and engage these decision-maker in meaningful conversations remains. TEG helps its clients use LinkedIn and other platforms to meet this challenge.

LinkedIn Executive and Corporate Profiles:  LinkedIn is a unique social platform in that it serves both individual and corporate needs. Individuals use LinkedIn as their online resume and use it for personal networking in addition to networking on behalf of their employer.  The challenge for employers is to encourage employees to use their LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn connections and relationships on behalf of the employer.  TEG works with its clients to ensure that all senior executives have a consistent LinkedIn profile.  We also help with the content of the LinkedIn Corporate Page.

Maximizing LinkedIn Relationships: TEG works with its clients to strategically increase their connections with desired prospect companies.

Data mining LinkedIn to Uncover Hidden Gems: TEG finds new opportunities for our clients by digging deep into our client’s relationships which generate insights and connections that will lead to sales.  For example –  the CEO of a prospect company might know of our client from when they were a Vice President at one of our client’s customers –  thus a cold call is no longer a cold call.

LinkedIn Sales Campaigns: TEG  has used LinkedIn as the cornerstone of many successful business development campaigns.


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