Lead Generation Experts

At the Endurance Group, we are fond of the expression, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Lead Generation Experts

The only way to effectively deliver our clients’ value proposition to the marketplace is to continually contact the wide array of individuals in a database developed specifically for their initiative.

Creative Ideas and Solid Strategies For Your Business to Gain Rapid Momentum

We effectively deliver our clients’ value propositions to their prospect universe!

Delivering the message to prospects will involve generally some or all of the following tasks:

A Direct Mail / Email piece sent to the targeted decision maker of the prospect companies on the target list.  The content of the letter should be informative and not just a sales piece. The campaign should be sent out in small batches (50 to 100) that can be followed up on within a day or two via telephone.  Alternatively, emails may be sent out in conjunction with telephone calls.

LinkedIn Connection Campaign.  TEG will work with the client to develop a strategy to reach out to former clients and clients that have moved on to new companies using the LinkedIn Social Media platform integrated with a phone and email campaign.

A series of telephone calls, e-mails or faxes (as appropriate) with targeted executives.  This is a time intensive process since it typically takes a series of events with the executive’s assistant before we actually talk to the targeted prospect and, more importantly, have them agree to block out some time to learn about the client.

Managing relationships with Executive Assistants.  The EA will be instrumental in securing conference calls and meetings for the client and we will need to make them our advocate with the target executive. This is where the use of a compelling direct mail/email piece will be critical.

An introductory discussion with the targeted executive.  Once the executive is reached, we will seek to give a brief overview of client and seek a conversation with them to discuss the current challenges they are facing. We will discuss our client’s expertise and experience.    We will convince the executive that a conversation with our client would be a good use of their valuable time.

A conference call.  When the executive is receptive, TEG will seek to coordinate a facilitated introductory conference call (a “Live Handoff”) between our client, the prospect, and the TEG consultant.

Continued support.  If requested by the client, TEG Business Development Executives can play an ongoing role with qualified prospects and stay involved in the sales process through the close, especially if it is not a near-term opportunity.

Trade show representation.  TEG Business Development Executives are also available to represent clients at industry conferences and tradeshows, as well as setting up meetings at these events for the client’s executives.

CRM management.  TEG will provide ongoing database management to compile information and track progress with each contact in the database.

Reporting.  TEG deliver comprehensive reports to  our client’s management to track the status of all prospect activity to ensure that no opportunities “fall through the cracks.”

Agile adaptation.  TEG’s team and senior management work closely with our clients to ensure that the program is continuously meeting expectations and to make adjustments where required to build and maintain momentum in the business development process.

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