Messaging and Sales
Collateral Creation

We firmly believe that highly customized and targeted messaging is at the core of any effective sales campaign. We craft messaging that is guaranteed to generate optimal interest among your prospects.

We create compelling messaging that convinces a prospect to desire a deeper conversation with our client.

Messaging and Sales Collateral Creation

The messaging developed for these conversation paths is also incorporated into direct mail campaigns, emails, social media and other correspondence that we send to prospects on behalf of our clients.

During the setup phase, TEG will work closely with our clients to become conversational in key aspects of our client’s  products, services, and overall value proposition. TEG wants to understand what differentiates our clients from their competition and why a prospect would consider using the client’s product or service. This message must provide a compelling reason for a busy executive to take some time to learn more about our client.

TEG generally recommends the creation of an email piece that will be sent to prospects prior to or in conjunction with outbound calls. We have good success using targeted direct email as a way to warm up an otherwise “cold call.”  The email piece needs to be highly customized and not a generic sales piece. This content should also be incorporated into the client’s website and social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

TEG likes to brainstorm with its clients to determine questions we can ask potential prospects which will stimulate conversation and help us uncover “client pain”. In short, we want to have some type of “hook” which will convince the prospect to desire a deeper conversation with our client.

The key objective of the TEG business development program is to secure a conversation/meeting for our client’s with a qualified prospect.  As a  project evolves, TEG continually refines and customizes the message(s) as we gain experience and learn what is most effective in generating interest among prospects.

On occasion, TEG will work with partner firms to develop specialized content on behalf of our clients.

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