Prospect Profiling and
List Development

The Endurance Group works with its clients to segment the market into specific prospect profile(s) so that target lists can be created and various market approaches can be developed. Fact is a highly targeted list is the foundation of any successful sales campaign.

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Prospect Profiling and List Development

Prospect Profiling

At the Endurance Group, we look at a variety of factors when creating prospect profiles including such aspects as geography, industry, company/organization size, and the responsibilities of decision makers and influencers.


In creating the profile we will work with our client’s to answer the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of an ideal customer?
  • What is the profile of a customer that the client has been successful with in the past and why?
  • Is there a specific geographic market that the client wants to focus on?
  • Are there specific industry verticals that the client wants to target?
  • What is the most effective corporate/organization size in terms of revenue, employees, assets or other criteria to target?
  • Who are the decision-makers in the prospect company that the client needs to engage with in terms of title and job responsibility?
  • Are there other criteria, we should consider that are particular to Client’s industry and market?

Prospect List Creation

In TEG’s opinion, the creation of the target prospect list is the key factor in creating a successful business development program.   Having established profile(s) for the ideal client customer,  the next step in the business development program is to develop target lists of prospects that meet the parameters of the profile(s).   TEG will secure lists with email addresses and verified phone numbers.  The use of business networking sites such as LinkedIn or Spoke can be very useful in this exercise.   TEG  recommends developing several well-researched lists of prospects that could be contacted effectively through email,  social media, and phone calls.  TEG will closely monitor the responses to these campaigns and track data points such as the number of times an email is opened, linked in connections to develop a core list of prospects that will be targeted via telephone.  The contacts for this prospect lists should come from:

Inbound Leads.  This includes leads from the client web site and other sources of inbound inquiries such as Google AdWords, trade shows, conferences, blogs, et al.   TEG will work with client review leads from these campaigns and determine which leads should be followed up immediately by client’s sales team and which require further qualification and nurturing by TEG.

Specific Target Companies.  Every Client has a  list of dream companies that they would like to do business with. TEG will work with client to develop specific strategies to engage with these prospects

Past Clients and Relationships. Over the years, TEG has found that many of its clients had not effectively used this valuable resource.  The reality is that individuals move from company to company and a Director at a former client could now be a CEO at a new company. TEG will research these relationships to find untapped relationships that can lead to new business.

Companies in the News. TEG will closely with the client to identify prospects that may have immediate needs based on news reports such as new acquisitions, new funding, new corporate hires etc.

 Lists Based on Industry and Profile.  TEG will work with clients to purchase specific lists (if more cost efficient). In addition, TEG will research custom lists for each client using such resources as, Linked In and general web research. TEG also has many internal lists that we share them with our clients from our almost 20 years in business

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