Sales Process Consulting

TEG has worked with since our inception in 1999. We believe in the value a well-designed & functioning Salesforce Automation System can bring to an organization.

Close deals faster by updating deal information, tracking opportunity milestones and recording interactions all in one place.

Salesforce/CRM Sales Process Consulting


We believe that the best way to implement an SFA/CRM is in stages. TEG works with our clients to:

1. Understand what systems they currently have in place;

2. Understand their current sales process; and

3. Make recommendations and implement solutions that will yield meaningful returns for our clients in terms of increased sales, and better control and understanding of their entire sales and marketing process.

Sales Process Design and Documentation

TEG works closely with its clients to design and document sales processes that track cold prospects, through qualification, proposal and finally closed deals. We help our clients implement these processes by incorporating them into the Database Design and Reporting Systems. Implementation and Management

TEG provides a base level implementation of Salesforce for our clients. If more extensive customization is required, TEG will work with one of our development partners to ensure that all client needs are met.

For most clients, TEG will:

1. Import all Target Prospect Lists into Salesforce

2. Customize Salesforce  Fields and Layouts

3. Create Custom Reports and Dashboards to track Pipeline and a variety of Sales and Marketing Activities

4. Create Sales and Marketing E-Mail Templates and E-Mail Campaigns

5. CRM Management – Ensuring information is entered and up to date.

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