Trade Show and
Conference Support

As part of our lead generation services, we also setup appointments for our clients at trade shows and coordinate events such as dinners and cocktail parties centered around the show. We also provide a comprehensive effort to follow-up on all leads generated from a show or conference.

We can help in making your trade show investment pay off!

Trade Show and Conference Support

Engage the Endurance Group for pre- or post-trade show prospect development, or both. Whatever your preference is you will have a dedicated, professional sales team working to maximize the return on your trade show investments.

Pre-Show Prospect Development

The days and weeks leading up to a trade show are typically spent working on the booth, the handout materials and everything else that will define the customer experience there. It’s all important. But it often leaves little time to schedule meetings and appointments with your top prospects prior to the show.

That’s why the Endurance Group’s Pre-Trade Show Process has become so popular. With a minimum of eight week’s notice, we’ll plan and conduct a six-week program to contact, qualify and secure appointments at the show (on site or off) with attendees that express interest in your product or service.

Post-Show Prospect Development

Similarly, after you exhibit at a trade show, there is a very limited window of opportunity to respond to the leads generated at the show before they go stale. When you outsource this function to The Endurance Group, you not only get timely, consistent follow-up, you also benefit from a process that maximizes efficiency and closing ratios.

It starts with you providing the list of leads collected at the show, which we place into a customized database designed for your project. We then contact all prospects within a pre-specified period of time. From there, we segment the prospects into an “A, B, C” list based on the urgency of need. “A” list prospects get into your sales team¹s hands with critical background information immediately. For “B” and “C” prospects, we maintain contact for a specified period of time in an effort to move them through the sales pipeline toward the “A” list. Conducted by experienced professionals who understand the dynamics of sales cycles, it’s a process that reflects the value of a solid – even if premature – lead.

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