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The Endurance Group has a deep experience in assisting international companies market and sell their products and services in the United States. We have helped our clients develop new partnerships and new customer relationships with US based companies ranging from the mid-market to Global 2000. We can develop and implement a winning strategy for your entry to the US Market!

US Market Entry

The Endurance Group has a deep experience in assisting international companies market and sell their products and services in the United States. Over the years, we have facilitated the entry of companies from Canada, Ireland, Israel, Austria, India, The Philippines, Australia, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom into the U.S. Market.

We have helped our clients develop new partnerships and new customer relationships with US-based companies ranging from the mid-market to Global 2000.

We have represented companies in a range of industries including:

1.Consumer Products


3.IT Outsourcing

4.Fashion and Apparel

5.Construction and Building Materials

6.Software/Technology; and

7.Professional Services


What We Do


Market Intelligence

Gathering market intelligence is a key component to every U.S. market entry program. At the Endurance Group, we seek to answer very specific questions for our clients by gathering market intelligence through actual conversations with potential customers, industry veterans and in-depth research using the web and sources such as LinkedIn, Hoovers and Dun and Bradstreet.

We seek to answer the following questions for our international clients:

1.Is the product/service ready for the U.S. market? What modifications will be necessary so that an introduction will be successful? What is the best approach to the U.S. market – direct sales or through a channel partner?

2.What is the correct pricing for the U.S. market? In order to acquire Reference Customers? After Reference Customers are established?

3.What is the best way to establish brand awareness in the U.S. Market? Advertising? Trade Shows? Website and e-commerce? Partnerships/Alliances?

Tradeshow and Conference Representation

TEG can coordinate trade show and conference attendance on behalf of our clients. We can book the shows, arrange for booth space and collateral and also attend on behalf of our clients. As part of our lead generation services, we also setup appointments for our clients at trade shows and coordinate events such as dinners and cocktail parties centered around the show. We also provide a comprehensive effort to follow-up on all leads generated from a show or conference.

Sales Process Design and Database Development

TEG helps its clients create sales processes and databases that enable them to track progress, manage customer and prospect contacts, and create reports for senior management that enable them to understand their sales pipeline and the performance of their sales team. We primarily use

Messaging and Sales Collateral Development

U.S. business moves very fast and a great deal of business is transacted over the telephone and via email. A clear concise 30-second elevator pitch and one page PDF on your company are the keys to getting in the door. TEG has special expertise in creating compelling messages for often complex products. We work closely with our international clients to identify what aspect of a company’s product or services will be compelling. Our goal is to engage a senior level executive at a prospect company in a dialogue that will ultimately lead to a revenue opportunity for your company.

Sales Staff Outsourcing and Recruiting

The Endurance Group can recruit, hire and manage both inside sales and field sales teams for its clients. The client has the option of hiring the sales team directly, outsourcing the team through the Endurance Group or outsourcing for a period of time and then bringing the team inside once a U.S. base has been established. We customize programs to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Lead Generation

Sales do not happen without a steady stream of qualified prospects. The purpose of marketing is to build brand awareness and most importantly generate qualified prospects for the sales team. The Endurance Group’s core competency is high-level lead development. We employ experienced sales veterans with 10 to 20 years experience who have the knowledge, expertise, and endurance necessary to reach high-level executives and then secure highly qualified introductory meetings. Our unique “live hand off” call methodology insures that there is a steady progression in the sales process from the Endurance Group to the client.

U.S. Local Presence

The Endurance Group maintains U.S. Offices in Maine and New Jersey. We regularly provide our clients with local phone numbers and U.S. addresses. We can also offer office space to work and meet with clients while you are in the U.S.

Channel Development

The best entry point into the U.S. may be through establishing distribution partners who can represent your company and its products and services. The Endurance Group and its team have developed comprehensive channel programs for leading technology companies. Our focus is on creating and managing channel programs which are “win-win” propositions which generate outstanding sales results.

Customer Profiling and List Creation

TEG helps its clients define the profiles of their ideal customers in terms of industry, geography, demographics, corporate size and executive position. We then use this profile criteria to create highly targeted prospect lists, enabling highly focused business development campaigns.

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