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The Endurance Group: B2B Sales Solutions that Work.

The Endurance Group has a 20-Year Track Record Delivering High-Value Engagements for our Professional Service Clients.

The Endurance Group has significant experience selling professional services for leading firms serving a variety of industry sectors. Examples include: 

  1. Strategic Consulting Services

  2. ​Accounting Services

  3. Private Equity Due Diligence Services

  4. Software Design and Development

  5. Operations Consulting (Six Sigma)

Explore how the Endurance Group generate success for our professional service clients.

The Key to TEG's Success

The key to success is a polished professional approach with a clearly identified message on a topic that will stimulate conversation with a prospect. 

TEG’s consultants;

(1) Establish our client as an expert in their particular specialty; and

(2) Deliver the message that a prospect will benefit from a conversation with our client since they will have the opportunity to speak with this subject matter expert. 

We have found that a softer, relationship-based selling approach is the key to success. 


Most corporations are complex organizations and the decision-making process is often fragmented between different departments and executives. 


Large professional service contracts involving technological solutions typically have long sales cycles and involve several demonstrations, RFI’s, RFP’s, and – most importantly – established relationships with key decision-makers. 

The Endurance Group deploys proprietary methodologies to enable our clients to expand and engage their network of relationships using LInkedIn and other platforms to drive new sales.

We understand that it is our responsibility to enable our clients to develop new relationships and rekindle old one based on the key attributes of professionalism, knowledge and trust. 

Tiny Stars

Our Case Studies

 Our definition of success is simple. We need to consistently deliver revenue opportunities for our clients that are a significant multiple of the fees we charge. 


Our case studies are based on the outcomes of actual client engagements.

Private Equity Investment Firm:  

  • Primary Product

Advice on private equity investments in the secondary market, structuring of complex deals and execution of trades. 

  • Targets

Educational institutions and charitable foundations with total assets ranging from $500 million to over $50 billion. 

  • Results

In six months we have established relationships with over 50 of the top non-profit organizations in the country, including Harvard, Yale, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Ford Foundation. Each has taken part in at least one meeting or conference call. 

Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm: 

  • Primary Product

Strategic Branding consisting of evaluation of strategic direction, market assessments, objective and target establishment, overall planning and creative. 

  • Targets

CMO's in Fortune 500 companies in need of coordinating marketing with overall brand strategy. 

  • Results

Substantive relationships with some of the largest companies in the US, including Pepsi-Cola, Church & Dwight, Kodak, The New York Times, Bayer, Avon, Harper-Collins, and Reckitt-Benckiser. 

Technical Innovation Firm Communications - 700 Professionals: 

  • Primary Product

Defense related technology applications targeted for use in the commercial marketplace. Our mission has been to approach the market to gauge acceptance and market potential as well as to develop intelligence that will help the client to better understand how to monetize the offering. 

  • Targets

Large call-centers, online multi-media content providers and major media outlets. 

  • Results

Numerous substantive relationships, one of which could result in additional revenue measured in the millions. Based on our efforts, client has ongoing discussions with Westwood One, CBS and AOL among others. The client's Board is currently considering spinning one of these applications off as a private venture after only 6 months. 

Accounting, Technology, and Financial Consulting Firm​ - 200+ Professionals:

  • Primary Product

Financial and strategic advice at the CEO and CFO level, plus installation and support of ERP software.

  • Targets

Emerging growth and mid-range companies in the Northeast US. 

  • Results

Over 25 

Private Equity Division ​of Strategic Consulting Firm - 17 Senior Partners: 

  • Primary Product

Due diligence, deal structuring, and strategic development for private equity investors, funds and companies. Our mission has been to roll out a 2-phase plan: 1) Develop key relationships outside our client's current spheres of influence while customizing a central database for capture and use of market intelligence; and 2) Work with the client's sales team to convert these new relationships into a fresh stream of revenue for the firm. 

  • Targets

Private equity firms and investors. 

  • Results

Over 25 substantive relationships, eleven of which resulted in projects exceeding $150, 000 revenue each. 

Shaking Hands

Exponential Growth Is At Your Fingertips

Six out of ten companies report that their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

Are you identifying and engaging prospects who will buy your product or service?

Does your lead generation team have the experience and skills to engage decision-makers in real conversation? 

At The Endurance Group, we are ready to make and execute a plan that will help you grow your sales and revenue, exponentially. 

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